Please find my credits listed below.

Year Show As Notes
2013 Handle Like Eggs Jack Grey Goomba Studios
2013 Marshall's Law Charley Marly Telly Juice
2012 The Dark Side of the Mind Gunda Avant-Garde Pictures
2012 The Enlightenment Cafe Dr. Elijah Swift LAStheatre
2012 The Ruin Legate Marcus Canterbury Christ Church University
2012 The London Underline The Tramp SKIP Theatre
2012 The Correct Angle Ellis Dresden Films
2012 Svengali Prems Fan Root Films
2012 F*CK REALPOLITICK Nude model Belarus Free Theatre
2012 The Turn Sam Mango FIlms
2011 Bradley Manning had secrets Adrian Lamo Adam Butcher
2011 The Trial Block theatre Collection
2011 Hodman and Sally Hodman The Flying Buttresses
2010 A Midsummer Night's Dream - In The Park Demetrius Practical Productions
2010 House of Gubbins Gordon & various House of Gubbins Prductions
2010 Broken Sammy Wall Instrumental
2010 Cross my heart John Westminster University Film dept.
2009 The yearning of the seventh Lover Goldsmiths Media Dept.
2009 ...Represented Here (Live Art) The Man in the Room This House believes
2006 Hedwig and the Angry Inch Hedwig Goldsmiths musical Theatre society
2004 Offensive shadows Number 1 A+E theatre
2003 Diary of a Madman Poprischan A+E theatre